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The Nordale Parents Advisory Group approached us wondering “would photos be a good fundraiser”?

Of course we said YES!

So THIS SATURDAY, September 26th, Coralee & Beck will be shooting mini-sessions to help raise funds for a new nature playground for the Nordale School and the community of Norwood Flats!

What is a mini-session? It’s a short and sweet version of the regular un-portrait session that you can book with Red Photo Co. These will be 15 minutes and will be outdoors (weather permitting) at the Nordale School! Bring your dog or cat, or grandma and grandpa, bring your new bike or that stuffy that you can’t live without. And don’t forget to bring BIG SMILES! This a great way to support a good cause AND get a beautiful photo of your family! If holiday cards are what you’re after, we design those too!

We are looking forward to meeting lots of families from the community and seeing all the smiles!

All the info is here on this poster:


Get out the confetti and the champagne… Happy NEW YEAR! We know, it’s a little late! It is February, and we’ve had an entire month of 2015 already! Christmas gatherings and New Years celebrations have happened, resolutions have been made, we’ve had some fun January shoots, and I (Rebecca) went to California for a week. February brings with it a couple of winter weddings, and we’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll be spared the -40 windchills for those days. And since we have a lot of images you haven’t seen yet from the autumn, those will be showing up on the blog over the next few weeks! We’ve done some damn fine work for some very lovely folks over the course of the last few months, and are excited to share some of the images with you.

To start the new year, we’d like to hear from YOU!

What are your resolutions? Are you going to be more mindful of what you’re putting into your body? Are you going to smile more? Is working out going to be given more attention? Will you walk the dog even when it’s -40? Give us some feedback, tell us how we’re doing, what kind of products you’d like to see, how we can make the experience of being photographed better for you. And since February is unofficially the month of LOVE, with Valentines Day falling smack dab in the middle of the month, we’re going to share some sweetness of our own… stay tuned for details!

We’ve got some exciting things planned for 2015! Some personal (we’ll both be be doing a little traveling, and we’ll be sharing a few images with you here), and some professional (we’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves that we think you’ll like)!

If you want to follow even more Red Photo Co. goodness you can find us on Google+ just look for Red Photo Co. Or head over to Instagram to view any or all of our three feeds: @redphotoco @red_coralee or @redphotoco_becks


ps. This is Venice Beach. Even on a cloudy day it’s pretty magical.


With a new year comes the promise of so much renewal…new year’s resolutions to blog more, show you more photo goodness sooner and all of that good stuff! A while ago, while daydreaming, I (Coralee) had a wonderful idea. After many years of a what was a very nice logo, which definitely served us well, why not start out a new year with a fresh new look by one of our favourite script artists, Kal Barteski? How amazing would that be?! But will she do it? So many questions ran through my head as I typed that email asking Kal if she’d be interested. And after too much worry and second guessing myself, she said yes and Rebecca and I were overjoyed! And here it is, in all of it’s glory! Two versions, one circular (because my obsession with circles continues) and one more streamlined. Hope that you like it!



Rebecca and I have been very blessed to have shared so many memories with amazing people this entire year! Wishing you the happiest of days ahead with the people that you love…

If you open up the latest copy of Weddingbells magazine, you’ll see not one but TWO weddings by the Red Photo Co. girls! Dan & Laneil’s wedding shot by Rebecca in August of 2012 and Jeff & Jordan photographed by both Rebecca and I this past June. We feel SO LUCKY that our work is so well received by such a fantastic national publication and that our couples have amazing weddings that deserve to be shown to all of Canada!

Until midnight tonight…save 25% off of your entire cart when you spend $25 or more! That includes metal prints, canvas gallery wraps, parent albums (makes nice xmas gifts!), likebooks, lovebooks AND luxbooks! Don’t wait to order your last minute holiday gifts today…

Black Friday done by the Red Photo Co. girls equals RED FRIDAY! ENJOY!