the girls

Red Photo Co. was founded in 2000 by Coralee (the eclectic redhead) and in late 2012 she joined forces with Rebecca (the foxy brunette). Seperately they are pretty great. Together? Even better!
A few words from the girls...

Coralee says... I'm fairly certain that you are reading this to hear about how I got my first camera at the age of 8 and fell in love the minute that I loaded that first box of polaroid film and the magic of instant gratification when 60 seconds turned that square piece of plasticky goodness into an image...Or when I took my first photography class in high school and stepped into the darkroom for the first time and smelled that divine whif of developer, starter and fix...oh my, well, that was it. I was hooked! Yes, that's all true, but...To quote the Little Prince (which is an amazing book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery and you should read it if you haven't), "These things are important to grown-ups. They never ask questions about what really matters, like what games do you like best? Do you collect butterflies?" So that is what I will tell you here, the things that really matter...
My favorite movies are Back to the Future, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Amelie and anything directed by Wes Anderson, not necessarily in that order. I do not collect butterflies, but rather snowglobes, board games, obscure Pee-Wee Herman themed art and more recipes than I will ever be able to make myself. I love hot yoga, indie rock, baking, knitting, boston terriers (so much that my late dog Charlie is immortalized forever on my arm by the amazing Yann Black), a man nicknamed Kutter, crazy britcoms like the Mighty Boosh, documentaries and when people come up to me in Starbucks and tell me that my photography is inspiring and to keep up the good work (who wouldn't love that?!). And being my own boss? Ya, that's pretty fantastic too...(although my boss does have a tendency to be a bitchy perfectionist..teehee). To satisfy the need for adult credentials, I offer you this...
Certified Photographic Consultant (as awarded by the PMA) and a member of the Society of Photofinishing Engineers, having passed both exams with a mark of 99%
• An award winning member and the first Canadian invited to join the [AG]WPJA, Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association
• Named one of the 30 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers in Canada for 2014 and one of the 25 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers in Canada for 2013 AND 2010 by Weddingbells magazine!

Hi, I’m Rebecca, but you can call me Beck. I’ve been enamored with photography as an art form and a visual language since I was 19. My favorite camera is my Polaroid SX-70. It feels like magic to me. The care in composition, as you never want to ‘waste’ a frame. Hearing the loud clunk as you press the shutter button. The mechanical sound of the print sliding through the rollers, and the subsequent slide out into the world. Finally the agonizingly long 4 or so minutes you wait until taking a peek at the print. Magic. I started shooting seriously at age 19. The first wedding I agreed to photograph was in 1999. After that I moved to Vancouver to study photography, and then I moved back to Winnipeg and have been working as a photographer ever since. I have photographed hundreds of weddings and many other special occasions including births & bar mitzvahs, family portraits at reunions, birthday parties for 1 years olds and 100 year olds! I do this because I love it, and because I believe there is great value in a visual history. Our lives are full of moments: some special and extraordinary, some regular and mundane, and some that are downright boring. But that is what makes a life. And it’s really quite beautiful. Capturing a moment of your history is what we do, and we are thrilled to do it.
• Long standing member of the PPOC, Professional Photographers of Canada
• Named one of the 30 Most Inspiring Wedding Photographers in Canada for 2014 by Weddingbells magazine!

Collectively they have been involved in the wedding industry for over 20 years, shot hundreds of weddings and cried behind the camera at most of them. When not photographing brides and grooms, together they enjoy laughter, Woody Allen movies, globe trotting (preferrably to cities with a Fluevog store), drinking imported beer and sampling exotic cheeses. Simply put, they are delightful...but you really should find that out for yourself! (winter wonderland photos by simply rosie)...the rest are just some faves of us in our travels from our instagram feed.

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