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I was lucky enough to attend the annual Weddingbells luncheon today at the Wag and it was fun to be able to socialize with fellow advertisers, see some new faces (and friendly familiar ones) and help celebrate the magazine’s 25th anniversary! When we left, one of the little gifts was a photo cookie…so delicious and how fabulous that it featured a mini version of the 25th anniversary issue cover?! Check them out for yourself at

So for a while now people have been asking me like crazy about photobooths! If you are looking to add a little fun at your reception and would like a photo of the majority of your guests, then this is definitely the thing to do! I have had a few weddings that did a diy version and everyone had so much fun that I am now offering it as an add on to reception coverage. If you are interested, send me an email and I can give you some more details. I have also added some fun fabric backdrops to my collection for 2010 or if you would like to stick to your colour theme, we can use something that you provide too. Tracy & Sebastien had one at their wedding on May 1st and their guests couldn’t get enough! Tracy had a ton of fun props that made the photos hilarious! I was literally packing up my gear to head home and more people just kept asking if they could get one last photo. See the fun for yourself…

(my apologies about the state of the backdrop in some of these…some rowdy guests had their way with it so near the end we had literally duck-taped it back together…rather unprofessionally as you can

and still my favorite photobooth photo yet!

Ack! Sorry about my lack of wedding wednesday posts for 2 weeks! I’m definitely not short of amazing and inspiring wedding things to share..just busy busy over here! So, not wanting to waste anymore time, here we go. I was checking out the Completely Unveiled blog the other day and completely fell in love with an this gorgeous gold ruffled wrap!

(image courtesy of Bonzie)

They are made by Bonzie, two amazing women from Ireland that create one of a kind romantic designs. How lovely would this be in a contrasting colour to make your wedding look romantic and so unique?! Be sure to check out their etsy shop for more wraps, corsets and lovely accessories!

Okay, this may be a bit of a an odd ranting but I hope you’ll stay with me! In the spirit of St.Patty’s Day, today’s post is all about green! The amazingly unique green bridesmaid dresses from Thom & Nikaela’s wedding were featured on the Southwestern Bride Blog today in their inspiration board! Check out the entire post HERE!

As I was checking out more posts on the Southwestern Bride Blog, I came across this fabulous article about green (in the eco sense) bouquets including feathers, button and amazing felt bouquets..what a fabulous idea and perfect for brides that want something different! So, if you are in the market for a unique bouquet, Princess Lasertron (whose work I LOVE!) makes fabulous felt bouquets with your custom colours. Did I mention that I love these?!! If you want to DIY, you can also buy her bouquet kit on ETSY here. I am seriously thinking  about ordering a red & pink one just for fun to display in my studio. C’mon…how fun are these?!

(images courtesy of Princess Lasertron)

If buttons are more your style, there are quite a few different vendors on etsy that offer them but this one by Jilliann’s HAS to be my favorite!

(image courtesy of Jilliann)

Another favorite from Etsy is reallybadkitty. Again, these button bouquets  are custom made with your colours in mind and are so fantastically whimsical. Don’t forget the boutineers!

(image courtesy of Reallybadkitty)

As I mentioned in my last wedding Wednesday post, has tons of fantastic information for brides to be. Their blog is also a fabulous place to find information that you might not find elsewhere. They recently asked Shandro Photo of Edmonton some important questions in regards to professional photography and they give fantastic advice for any bride who still has questions when it comes to hiring a photographer. Check out the entire article HERE

Today’s wedding Wednesday is all about!

If you haven’t already checked out the online version of Canada’s favorite wedding magazine, what are you waiting for? They have SO much to offer! A daily blog with tips on everything wedding related from knowing where to start all the way to planning your honeymoon, a forum where you can chat with other brides from around the country and tons of vendor listings so that you can find the find all of the people needed to make your day memorable. And this year the magazine is celebrating 25 years of inspiring and helping Canadian brides so there are guest bloggers and TONS of contests with amazing swag to win all the time! I urge you to go there right now!

Okay, I know that you probably all think that it’s possible that I’ve fallen off the face of the earth and I assure you, somedays that’s how it feels! I have just been devoting SO much time to getting my new underground meeting space/”studio” done that it really feels that that’s all that I’ve done since 2010 started…and it is! So, my apologies…but I’m happy to make to introduce…wedding wednesdays! In both an attempt to blog more and share the wealth of wedding knowledge in my head, I will be blogging tips and links to fantastic places online to help and inspire you on your wedding way.

Today’s tip…dresses!
I was talking to one of my 2010 brides on the phone last week and she mentioned that she was 6 months away from her wedding and still without a dress. Having been around the wedding block more times than most (in the company of brides as I have yet to be a bride myself (did you all know that?!)), I can confirm that 6 months is not a whole lot of time to get a dress! If you have seen “say yes to the dress” on TLC, you will know that the dress that you try on at the bridal store is merely a sample and once you order your dress, it can take months for it to arrive. Add to that time for alterations and this can take you well beyond the six month mark. And what if you have your heart set on a designer gown that simply is not within your budget? Thankfully in the age of the internet, there are a bunch of websites for brides still on the search for the perfect dress!

Smart Bride Boutique is a Canadian website that offers brides both a place to buy new+used gowns and sell their wedding dresses. It also features listings for shoes, jewelry, bridesmaid’s dresses and even decorations! There are also contests and tons of links and inspiration so check it out!

One of my very favorite wedding blogs out there is Once Wed. My 2009 bride Nikaela was the one that turned me on to this site as it inspired her so much in her wedding preparations. I, like Nikaela, fell in love with the featured real weddings and simple beauty in all of the imagery on the site…and they have listings for wedding dresses too! Yay!