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When I first met with Shauna, I must say, she had this amazing strawberry blonde hair and such a sparkle in her eye that I was thrilled to be shooting her and Matt’s wedding! Their celebration definitely had a cosmopolitan flair, much like where they now reside, NY. We managed to incorporate wheat, which was very important for Matt, coming from the prairies himself (and apparently they don’t have too much of in, the beautiful fall colours (which were still very apparent despite being early November…yay!) and hopefully these photos illustrate just how much fun we had that lovely November day…

Ian & Colleen’s Paris inspired wedding was an absolutely fabulous day from beginning to end! From her lovely lace wedding gown to the vintage French postcards that adorned each reception table, it was the little touches throughout the day that transported me to Montmartre again and again (and really, any bride that plays the fantastic French soundtrack to Amelie during the cermony has already won my heart). Vive le France!

Topher showing the ladies how it’s done…lol!

(yes, we just had to use the hearts)

nothing like a wet willy between siblings..

Their cermony at Knox United Church was short and sweet!

stunning! beautiful jewelry by J Crew.

my favorite!

sweet treats from The Cupcake Corner

an exquisite ring deserves a ring shot that does it justice!

I love all the layers of activity in this much going on all at once!

Firstly, my apologies for not posting this sooner! I have been having some issues with the back end of the blog lately but it’s all good now!
Tyler & Diana were married just over 2 weeks ago on a day that once again promised rain but we managed to stay relatively dry, which is always a good thing! Like I mentioned when I posted their engagement session, these two are clearly head over heels for each other! Their Orthodox ceremony was filled with amazing traditions and was truly an experience. After the ceremony we went to the Leo Mol sculpture garden for some family photos, which was quite appropriate and held a special place in Tyler’s heart as his parents were very good friends with Leo and the Mol family. A reception at the always fabulous Millenium Center was the perfect way to celebrate the coming together of two fantastic families! Enjoy!

how cute is their flowergirl?!!

So many of my 2010 couples are ordering custom guestbooks…I love designing them and their guests LOVE them! A fantastic way to highlight your engagement session images and have a modern spin on a traditional idea!

Their favours were measuring spoons with all of the ingredients important to marriage…