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When I first met with Justin & Meghan and they told me all about their wedding plans at the St.Norbert Arts Centre, I was so thrilled that they were including their love of games (you may remember the scrabble match from their engagement session), a vintage photobooth from the one and only Photo Booth Rentals of Winnipeg, great food and the laughter and love of their friends and family all in the beauty of the outdoors. I envisioned lovely details, warm lighting and so much fun…and well, when the day actually arrived and the rain refused to leave us, I was a little concerned…but after chatting with both Meghan and Justin over the phone, I was inspired by their genuine positivity and you know what? After the ceremony and delicious brunch was over, the rain went away, the dark clouds cleared and we were able to frolic in the sunshine, enjoy a game of croquette and frisknock and it was just as we all had imagined!

To say that Katie & Stefan’s wedding day went down without a hitch would be a complete fabrication of the truth. In fact, I would be hard pressed to say that they didn’t have their share of complications…from having to choose a new venue mere months before the wedding to a somewhat traumatic engagement session (that is a long story which I will not share..but I’m sure that we can all laugh at it now..right Katie?!) but that doesn’t mean that their wedding didn’t turn out to be absolutely perfect! Their reception at the St.Norbert Arts Centre was intimate and so very perfect! Another gorgeously unique bouquet by Bonny at My Secret Garden and don’t forget the amazing yummies from Cakeology! See for yourself….