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A few weeks back we received an email from Deidre and Mike asking if we would be interested in doing a special family shoot for them…and of course we felt pretty special to be included! Deidre is due with her third child in July and they’ve been holding on to an envelope containing the sex of their latest addition for weeks…waiting for just the right time to open it. What better way than with a giant box of balloons of the appropriate colour that only the balloon man knows what secret lies inside??? Deidre’s idea and execution was just perfect and we hope that we photographed it to do it justice! Now why the black & white? Well, they are determined to keep the secret to themselves until the baby is actually here…no spoiling the surprise!!

Two weeks ago today, I (Rebecca), went to our nations capital, to visit a very special pregnant lady. Of course, all pregnant ladies are special, but there’s only one that is my sister!

This was the first time I saw the baby bump in person, and at 35 weeks, it was pretty spectacular already. Photographing these two excited first time parents was great fun, and only made better by the fact that we had honest to goodness summer weather, and it was the Tulip Festival in Ottawa!

Congratulations Amy & Aaron… can’t wait to meet my newest niece or nephew!! xo

I will admit, sometimes I may or may not be slightly challenged when asked to do something that I haven’t particularly done a lot of in the past…so with that, I will admit that when Katie got in touch with me and told me that she was pregnant and wanted to have Red Photo Co. do some maternity photos, I was a little apprehensive, all the while, completely excited! Spending so many days with brides and grooms means that eventually some of these fabulous couples are going to progress to the obvious next step of parenthood…and so knowing that they wanted Rebecca and I to share in the joy of their pregnancy means a LOT! And as Katie put it that day, “I can’t believe that we’re here already…didn’t you JUST take our wedding photos?!” The entire experience proved to be delightful, which is exactly what I can say every time that I spend time with any of the Robinson family…can’t wait until we can meet the wee one and photograph you all again!