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Beck and I have been brainstorming for months about how best to share all of the useful information in our heads (that comes from having been in the wedding industry for so long and by being in our 30′s and having each gone through our share of experiences, together and separately) and instead of just blithering mindlessly onward, we’ve come up with a different ways to do just that. Today’s post will approach a topic that you may not want to talk or hear about, but is a huge part of weddings (and marriage), the BUDGET.

Let’s be honest…when it comes to planning a wedding, there is just never enough money to accommodate all of the things that you want. From the wedding dress to the venue and food (and don’t forget those designer shoes that you’ve been eyeing), what’s left over for a photographer? Well, we’re hoping that you understand that without a photographer, there will be no amazing photos of what you spent all of your money on so please…understand that hiring a professional photographer is key! Photographers with experience, that know the ins and outs of how to help you time manage your day, that are always there to answer your questions during the planning stages, all the way through ensuring that everyone is having fun while making the most of this amazing day that you’ve planned for so long? Well, obviously that’s even better! So if you’ve decided that you’d like Red Photo Co. to photograph your day, we’ll try to make it as easy as possible for that to happen!

Budgets are a topic that we hear a lot about so this year we’ve introduced something new, which we mentioned in the FAQ on the newly launched (the third question down). Our new personalized online gift registries!
Basically, a lot of couples now will have already acquired a lot of the goods for the home that they will need so…why not have a registry for photography? Any money that family/friends/wedding guests send to your personalized gift registry, through the encrypted page on the website, can be used towards your photography coverage or additional items later on (photo prints, canvas gallery wraps, lovebooks, etc). We’ll even include some sweet little cards telling your loved ones just where to visit on the internet to contribute to your registry. Want to check one out for yourself? Absolutely! Just click HERE!

…and it starts with a C, just like Coralee!
Coincidence? I think not….