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I’ve read and reread this article a few times in the past few days and just wasn’t quite sure how to share it without sounding like a salesperson, but did want to stress the importance of the message written so I will share this first….

My parents eloped. They got married in secret in the Pastor’s house with my Aunt, Uncle and the Pastor’s wife as witnesses. They didn’t have a cake, a photographer, a fancy venue or 100 guests to throw confetti at them after the 10 minute ceremony…and you know what, in one week’s time, it will be their 44th wedding anniversary! They have exactly one photo from that day. ONE. That photo was taken by the Pastor’s wife (if I remember correctly) and for me, has always been a wonderful reminder of how two young people in love chose to start their lives together in their own way. (And I don’t even have a copy of that photo to include here…can you believe that? How ironic…haha!)
So…humorously enough, their daughter turned out to be a wedding photographer…and 6 years ago when my Mother thought it would be a good idea for us to throw a surprise birthday party for my dad for his 60th birthday party, the surprise was spoiled and so we turned it around and had the surprise be on the party’s guests instead. My parent’s decided to renew their vows that day, in front of all of their friends, their children and grandchild and I got to photograph it this time! I really wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest….was this going to be the most amazing wedding that I would ever be a part of? Without hesitation, YES! A few months ago someone asked me what the most touching and memorable wedding that I ever shot was…and although every wedding that I get to share in is special to me, the renewal vows of the two people that actually MADE me, yep, that’s the one! And the album that I made them from that day is something that my Mom shows to everyone. So, having said all of that, I share with you this article on WHY HAVING A TANGIBLE REMINDER OF YOUR WEDDING DAY (a beautiful custom designed, hand made album-YOUR FIRST FAMILY HEIRLOOM) is SO IMPORTANT.
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p.s…I know that there are still a few past Red Photo Co. couples that have an album credit to use…don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll make you a beautiful album!