If I could possibly have you all understand just how many times this engagement session was postponed due to rain, rain, rain, more rain and finally an absent engagement ring, I’m relatively certain that you’d laugh. The day that was finally to be our day to shoot was the 5th time we planned…and you know what? I couldn’t have asked for more sunshine, a more adaptable couple that was always open to my zany impromptu location suggestions (it takes special people to agree to include an old ratty pink couch just because I ask them nicely) and more making out and laughter. In short, Andrea and Dennis are the loveliest of people and truly understand that a crazy artist like me isn’t always easy to work with. Thankfully they rolled with the punches and ended up with some images that are uniquely them…just as requested!

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  • Andrea says:

    We said can you take some pictures with “cool lighting” and then you just took it upon yourself to create works of art. Ah-mazing. You couldn’t have tapped into our vision more perfectly! :)

    (June 28, 2012 at 8:56 pm)
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