Oh my…what a difference a week makes! Last Wednesday Rebecca and I were spending the afternoon in Bird’s Hill Park with Richard & Liana, enjoying the autumn sunshine and actually working up a sweat by hiking the trails and finding some good locations. Fast forward to today when I am awoken by the excited laughter of my neighbour’s children playing outside in the snow before school…crazy! So, I’m fairly certain that the snow will fade and hopefully give us a few more days of fall before the snow actually stays on the ground until March, but until the sunshine reappears, enjoy some visions of pretty turning leaves and a caramel coloured beagle named Hurley…

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  • Liana says:

    Thank you both so much!! I love these pictures more than I can express!! You are truly talented ladies and I can not wait until the wedding.

    (October 4, 2012 at 7:28 pm)
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