I first met Marlis a few years back when her cousin Allison got married in small town Manitoba and she was just as delightful that day as she was on her lovely wedding day! A scenic 4 hour drive to Nestor Falls, Ontario was completely worth it to take part in this amazing day at Tinker’s Places. Drinking pink champagne in a boat during photos in the afternoon pre-ceremony? Marlis standing on a lawn mower in an old boat house while I’m on a boat in the water getting just the right angle? Making their lake side ceremony entrance by float plane? Pins hand made by Marlis for everyone, including “just married” pins that they wore for the rest of the day? Adorable handmade dolls that represented her, Ken and their dog Laney by Boolah Baguette? Yep…that’s just how these guys roll. Go Team Funkness!!!

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  • Allison says:

    So beautiful! Amazing work, as always, Coralee.

    Looking lovely, cousin and new cousin!

    (September 15, 2013 at 8:41 pm)
  • Marlis says:

    Love these photos Coralee! It was so wonderful to have you as a part of our wedding festival.
    (And you rocked your photographer button!)

    (September 17, 2013 at 8:11 pm)
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