Very simply, The Artist Groupe are extraordinary women who do phenomenal work in the world of makeup and hair.

This collection of strong female business owners are not only excellent with the application of makeup, they are also pros at making the client feel at ease. Co-owners Kelly, Nancy, Genevieve and Rhianna are all very gifted makeup artists with the ability to do makeup ranging from classic beauty to theatrical application. If you are looking for a makeup artist for your grad, wedding or another special event they will certainly make you feel at ease and gorgeous.

We’ve had the pleasure of photographing these four and working with them on projects including weddings as well as intimate and corporate portraits! We’ve also sat still while they’ve done their magic with us, as we got done up for our own portrait session last week! We’ll show you some of those photos soon enough, but for now, we’d like to introduce you to The Artist Groupe!

Ps. Find them on Facebook! The Artist Groupe and watch for their brand new website, launching soon!





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