Okay, firstly, let me apologize for my complete lack of blogging the past week or so. I have been completely overwhelmed with chaotic amounts of weddings and emails this month and have been overworked and under the weather and sadly blogging and returning emails becomes such a daunting and forgotten task so I promise to keep you all more updated from now on and if you’ve sent me an email which I haven’t returned, please know that this is on my list of stuff to do asap :)
Kristin & Travis were married on a lovely overcast day which made for incredible photos! They are so laid back that we just wandered around and found this incredible little diner in the middle of nowhere and right beside it was a wheat field that was just perfect for bringing some prairie goodness to our afternoon. These two are so cute together and I can see them now, 50 years from now walking down the street still holding hands. I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon in Jamaica!

a gorgeous ceremony at Fort Gibraltar

they both got a little teary during their vows…

there is so much history at the Fort…I love it!

a what’s a wedding without a milkshake and homemade fries?!

yes, this is how desolate the prairies can be…fields, nothingness and then a diner! lol

my favorite!

I’m so happy that Kristin trusted me enough to brave the crickets and spend some time in the field!

Another delightful dessert from The Cupcakery!

and the cake topper getting a little fresh…

these two were all over the clinking of the glasses! lol

and some laughter during the speeches…

and the slideshow…

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  • Kristin says:

    O My Goodness Coralee!!! We LOVE them so much!!! You truly are an AMAZING person and artist! :)

    (August 27, 2009 at 10:12 am)
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