Ya know…sometimes I meet a couple during our first consultation and when I ask them about their wedding plans, their faces just light up. And although this is usually months and months before their wedding and so much needs to be arranged, if they have a vision in their head about what is important to them, you can just sense it and despite the countless hours of planning, execution and getting to the actual day, that vision is what drives them…this was the case with Mike & Hilary. They talked about how they were going to have the ceremony and a brunch reception here in the city at St.Charles Country Club and then loads of time to take photos along our drive to the final destination…West Hawk Lake. We went back and forth about timelines and how much time to allot for driving (as the final destination was 2 hours out of the city) and sometimes, despite how much you want to break it all down and analyze, it all comes together in the end. To describe last Saturday in one word…perfection. How else can I describe a wedding where I was given almost endless time with just the couple (no wedding party means that I don’t have to share them! yay!) in some of the most beautiful locations in the province?! And you’ll see these two in just a minute..like Ken & Barbie! (lol) From the beginning to end it was so filled with love + fun and to continue the celebration in a place that is so close to their hearts was the right decision. Thanks you two for sharing your most perfect day with me…

Kate Spade, could you be more gorgeous? Nope..didn’t think so.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…my favorite is always laughter during the ceremony!

personalized m+m’s?! nice!!

to get them to kiss, you had to take your shot at the old hula hoop!

see the shot in the canola field? well this is some of the prep work that goes into shots like that!

and then we just hung out in the boat for a while…good times :)

The celebration at the lake was held at the Booth cottage, which has been in Mike’s family since the early 1900′s…it was SO vintage and amazing!!

Beyond Flowers did an AMAZING job of Hilary’s bouquet! Their work is always colourful, creative and lasts all day..I definitely recommend them! It was really sweet for Hilary to incorporate her late father into the bouquet too…always right there with her.

“dinner time!”

and since there were brownie sundaes instead of wedding cake, well, Mike fed Hilary a delicious burger instead…

love love love this cottage!

and this image of the gorgeous bride!

and the colourful lanterns…

and a perfect sunset to end a perfect day…

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  • Becky says:

    WOW!!! Love these pics Cor!! That shoe shot is so amazing!! Love all the pics out on the water and that shot in the greens is one of your best!

    (July 29, 2010 at 7:42 am)
  • julie says:

    Those pics are beautiful! I love the silhouettes!

    (July 29, 2010 at 6:17 pm)
  • Hilary says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You are truely amazing and captured our day so beautifully! I am in LOVE with these pictures and can’t stop looking at them! You have far exceeded our expectations! It was a joy working with you! xoxo

    (July 29, 2010 at 8:28 pm)
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