Turns out that I have never shot a wedding where both the bride and groom were Chinese and I learned something last Saturday…the Chinese sure do know how to put on a wedding! From multiple tea ceremonies, to roasting entire pigs to celebrate, to making sure that all of their guests had more than enough food and prosperity to have a good time, they thought of EVERYTHING! Ken & Lorraine’s wedding was fantastic! See for yourself…

Lorraine pretty much had this smile on her face the whole day, even when the rain wouldn’t let up…she definitely didn’t let it get her down!

and she had the SMALLEST shoes ever..like a size 4! It was unbelievable (and still think that they were little girl’s shoes..lol)

but so perfect for her little feet!

the ceremony was in the backyard of Ken’s parent’s house and we were all so thankful that they put up the tent..because the weather man (that said it wouldn’t rain) was wrong again..surprise surprise! Paula Rutledge of Mobile Marriage did a fabulous job on the ceremony too!

the tea ceremony was filled with lots of splashes of red and so much happiness!

and you can’t forget the roast pig!

the wedding party was such a joy to work with..my face hurt from laughing all day with them..

and we had to incorporate this green…it was one of their wedding colours!

Lorraine=the cutest!

Essence Decor is an up and coming wedding decorating team in Winnipeg and they did an amazing job on the reception at Kum Koon Garden! They can be reached at essencedecor@gmail.com

Another delightful cake from High Tea Bakery!

The reception was filled with so much laughter…

and a few tears…

a fog machine during the first/money dance…that’s a first!

more food than anyone could eat!

and lots of celebration!

and the lion dancers were amazing!

and made the bride so happy..isn’t that what it’s all about?!

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  • Raine says:

    You have done it again!!! We cannot stop looking at the pictures, all turned out so amazing and we were completely blown away!!!!! You have such an amazing talent and we’re so lucky to have you to be part of our special day.

    Thanks for putting up with us, we have such a crazy but funny wedding party.


    (September 4, 2010 at 9:11 pm)
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