If you were to ask me who my sweetest, kindest couple has been, hands down, it’s Argel & Jackie. These too just ooze kindness. Whenever I saw them before the wedding, they would give me a big hug and ask me how I was and it wasn’t just the “hey, how are you, blah, blah, blah..” kind of how are you..it was the, we-are-honestly-interested-in-how-you-are kind of how are you..lol. In addition to being two of the nicest people you could ever meet, they are so honestly in love with each other that it just makes you want to wrap their love around you like a blanket. I know that sounds odd but it’s totally true. Being a single girl, I hope that one day I am lucky enough to find a love like they have. One thing that I did learn about these two that I didn’t know prior to the wedding is that they sure know how to party! Yikes! Filipino weddings are usually pretty amazing but damn…these two may have just thrown the best party this year! Their reception at the Fort Garry Hotel was decorated beatifully by Madeline’s Weddings and there was more food than you could possibly eat, amazing cakes, cupcakes and a candy buffet, dancing, carrying on and they kept the photobooth hopping the entire time..I could barely take down my gear when it was time to go..they just wanted to keep the party going! Well, enough of that..let the photos speak for themselves!

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